Make the most of your CCTV footages

    Using Closed Circuit Television or CCTV footage is a useful tool in preventing crime or solving crimes after they have occurred. These days CCTV is also used to capture moments from daily life. Perhaps you’d like to find out if it’s foxes or raccoons making all that noise in your garden in the middle of the night. Catch them on video and find out the truth!

    CCTV has many practical as well as enjoyable uses and we’ve developed our browser to be easy to use for viewing and scanning CCTV footage. Contenta Video Browser makes organizing and viewing hours of CCTV footage simple and easy. Browse through countless frames where nothing happens until you find the right one – and clip it out. You can then save the clip or clips with all the action and delete the rest, freeing up valuable megabytes of space on your hard drive and/or computer. Capture still images from CCTV footage and save them as JPEG, PNG, BMP or PDF files. Organize moments caught on CCTV in one convenient place and then browse and view them with ease.

Find that precious moment in gigabytes of videos Bookmark your favorite scenes. Watch them on million times.

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Marc Schneider(マーク シュナイダー), ニューヨーク
Jeremy Wilkinson(ジェレミー・ウィルキンソン), ネバダ
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    2. とにかく速い。 マルチコアCPUのコンピューター用に最適化されたネイティブプログラムコードで記述された製品で、他に類を見ない高速な処理速度を実現しています。
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多数のビデオフォーマットをサポート(機械のインストールした映像コーデックによって):DivX, Xvid, avi, mpeg, mov, mp4, flv, mkv, mts, avchd, 3gp, iphoneビデオ, Android video(アンドロイドビデオ), Nikon video(ニコンビデオ), Canon video(キャノンビデオ), digital camera video(デジタルカメラビデオ), Nikon D90 video(ニコンD90ビデオ)
時間間隔を選択して、 Flash, QuickTime(クイックタイム), MP3, iphone, ipad, Android(アンドロイド)などのフォーマットにエクスポート


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Marc Schneider(マーク シュナイダー), ニューヨーク
Jeremy Wilkinson(ジェレミー・ウィルキンソン), ネバダ

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