Save time managing your favorite digital videos
    See a two minutes video demonstrating the software
    Contenta Video Browser will help you re-discover your digital video collection. Try it now and see for yourself!
    "I became utterly addicted to this program. A joy to use."
    Marc Schneider, N.Y.
    "A very innovative solution. I have never seen anything like that before. Congratulations!"
    Jeremy Wilkinson, Nevada.

    You have too many files or too many hours of videos on your computer! The software will help you to:

      Finally find the right video in one instant
      Play the right scene faster
      Bookmark your favorite scenes
      Manage all these videos from ANY removable devices
      Share/Export short interesting video clips
    Take the guided tour
    Play just the right moment. Bookmark your favorite scenes. Watch them again and again. Find that precious moment in gigabytes of videos

    اشتري Contenta Video Browser
      1. سهل الاستخدام. ستقوم بما تريده في خطوات سهلة وبسيطة.
      2. سريع جداً. يتعمل بالطريقة المثالية مع المعالجات متعددة النواة ويستخدم كود أصلي عند تأدية المهام.
      3. Overview your videos like never before
      4. Innovative! Try it. It's worth it.
      5. التحديث بشكل تكراري
      6. دعم فني قوي مجاني عبر البريد الإلكتروني
      7. سعر غير مكلف.
      8. لا يسبب أخطار على الإطلاق. قم بتقييم البرنامج بنفسك لمدة 30 يوماً، مجاناً.
      9. بعد أن تشتري البرنامج، يكون لديك 30 يوماً ضمان باستعادة المبلغ المدفوع.
    قالب المميزات
    Get immediate overview of all your video collection
    Find scenes and moments faster
    Play whole videos or just the right moment (with full screen support)
    Bookmark favorite scenes
    Intelligent Thumbnail Technology for optimal video overviewing. The thumbnail representation is adaptive: more if there is a lot of action and less if nothing is going on.
    Set the level of details for a coarse or detailed overview
    Supports many video formats (it depends on the video codecs which are installed on your machine): DivX, Xvid, avi, mpeg, mov, mp4, flv, mkv, mts, avchd, 3gp, iphone videos, android videos, Nikon videos, Canon videos, digital cameras videos, Nikon D90 videos
    Easily export video frames to still images (one large image or many small ones)
    Generate a PDF summarizing the video
    Select a time interval and export video clips for Flash, QuickTime, MP3 sound files, iphone, ipad, android phones and more
    Share straight your favorite videos to YouTube
    30 day trial متطلبات الجهاز وثائق

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